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Parenting with TLC goes straight to the heart and soul of what's important in the parent-teen relationship. It gives developmentally appropriate and realistic, practical advise. It makes it quite clear that the relationship between the child and parents is the most important element. Patt and Steve are quite clear on discipline —it teaches, it encourages, it supports. And all of the same advice works for the teacher-student relationship! Thanks Patt and Steve.
—Cheri Draeger, Vice Principal —Almaden Country School, http://www.a-cs.org/

I have just begun to read the Parenting with TLC book and I've already concluded that by page 36, my sixteen year old daughter was used as a consultant. How did you know about our vacation? Actually, this is a good one: Her 15th birthday was spent in Europe, half of the day in Venice, then a short plane ride for the rest of the day in Paris. Oh, but mom was sick so couldn't go to the Eiffel Tower. "Mom ruined my birthday by getting sick!" The little ingrate. Now, however, her 15th birthday was the highlight of her life: "What other girl gets to be in two of the best cities on her birthday?" At the time, however, I had planned never to travel with her again...or only if she was flipping the bill!
—Linda Katzman

If you want to know something about raising teens, read 10 Best Gifts for Your Teen. Patt and Steve Saso have written a wise and perceptive guide for parents who are trying to maintain loving and vital relationships with their teen-aged children. As a teacher of high-school students for the past 15 years, I have been asked to read and evaluate dozens of books which attempt to "explain" the behavior of adolescents or provide a means of "controlling" what they do. The Sasos have made it clear that these attempts will always fail because they miss the point. With many examples gleaned from long experience, they show convincingly that our task as parents and teachers is not to control but, rather, to do the sometimes painful work of building solid relationships with young persons based on respect and nurtured over time with love and care. There is no other way. For the honesty and truth in this book, I thank them.
—Michael Lovett, high school teacher

I can't thank you two dynamos enough for all the positive thoughts you have sent my way, just when I am lagging. Thank you for all your CDs that I have glued to my ears to help me through the tough parts. Thank you for your insight, your seminars and your kind and loving suggestions. NOW I know that light at the end of the tunnel is not a train!
—Jacqui Fiels Lewis, http://www.jacquifielsphotography.com/

Thank you both for your wonderful and useful information. I use the monthly eZines in my Parenting the Adolescent class. Your examples are right on the mark and easy to relate. My students find themselves empowered and ready to apply the techniques. May God continue to bless you and your work.
—Maria Deluna

Wow, this eZine was really helpful. I have a 16 year old son and a nearly 13 yr old daughter. Especially this part: "Stay calm and Speak with authority." The stay calm part is SOOO helpful with my daughter!! I have come to learn by accident recently, that when I keep my voice lower than hers and look calmly into her eyes while I speak, it really helps to keep me from blowing my last fuse! THE RESULT ARE SO MUCH BETTER!! I never raised my voice with the first one, because he's a solid pleaser—and acts near-perfect. What a shocker to have a little rebel come after him! Anyway, thanks for the affirmation!!!!
—Lori Altamura

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your monthly emails. It takes just a few minutes to read and I get so much out of them! Keep up the good work!
—Mary McTiernan


I just wanted to thank you both for offering your TeleSeminar on Raising Respectful Teens. I really enjoyed it! I found it to be informative and useful. Raising teens is definitely a hard job that requires an open mind and a sense of humor!

Your seminars help me to better understand my teens and where they are coming from. They also let me know that I am not alone on my journey as I try to raise my teens and face struggles and obstacles. It's during these hurdles that I tend to forget to give respect to my teens as a way of mirroring what I expect from them.

 It's a hard job raising teens and I thank you both for all of your knowledge, insight, books and tele-seminars. They give me the added boost that I need to keep working on my relationship with my teens, to keep my communication open and to always look at ways of improving it.
—Blessings, JoLynn

Steve, I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to the parent TeleSeminar on respect and teenagers last week (actually, I missed the call but I listened to the recording). You and your wife make a great team and it was nice to hear the stories and practical application. Also, I have read quite a few books on similar subjects, but it is really nice to hear it reinforced by people talking! I'll stay tuned in to your seminars and such.
—Best Regards, Lynn Worley


Steve and Patt Saso are exceptional speakers. Patt is the more "practical" speaker, highly intelligent, warm presenter. Steve is a wonderful, down to earth speaker with great humor and wonderful storytelling technique. They are often presenters at our annual Congress. We will have the evaluation results for the Saso's Congress 2009 presentations available next week. The Saso's presented at Congress in 2007 and here is how they did: Parenting Your Teen with TLC received a 3.6 out of 4.0, Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child received a 3.5 out of 4.0
—Jan C. Pedroza, LA Archdiocese Congress Program Coordinator, http://www.recongress.org/

Thank you, Patt and Steve, for sharing your knowledge of teenagers. I heard you speak recently at Lynbrook High School and at Miller Middle School, and I have your book 10 Best Gifts. Your information is helpful and it is comforting to know that my kid is not the only difficult one.

 My son picked up your book recently and he couldn't put it down. I showed him the chapter on responsibility and explained that I would follow the advise in your book and not nag him in the morning.This morning I didn't yell at him to hurry and he actually got to school on time. So thank you very much. You've had a positive impact in our house.
—Mary Tanner

 As usual I totally enjoyed Steve's presentation. He has such a knack for laughing at all the parenting mistakes he perceives that he has made!! It was nice to see such a good turnout of parents.
—Cheri Draeger, Vice Principal —Almaden Country School, http://www.a-cs.org/

I wanted to thank you for delivering a great seminar to our Miller community this evening. As expected, you were informative, relevant and entertaining. I observed several people taking lots of notes and paying close attention to your presentation. I am confident that many of the audience members have taken away ideas that they can immediately implement in their relationships with their teens. I know that I will! As we discussed, I actively engage the "3 questions only" practice with my two teenage sons (they give me "3" when I wish to ask them about school, the dance, etc.). It works! Again, thanks for a wonderful evening.
—Lori Stafford, PTA President Miller Middle School

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