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Since 1989 we have been speaking on parenting issues. We present at conferences, public and private K- 8 elementary, middle and high schools, club meetings and businesses.

Our presentations run approximately 60-90 minutes, including Q & A (optional). For longer venues please call our office.

As professionals and parents, we’ve seen it all. Steve has over thirty-six years experience teaching high school students. Patt has over twenty years of practice working with teens and families as a marriage & family therapist. We are the parents of three college-age young adults. We’re unique speakers because as a husband/wife team we share different perspectives. As parenting experts, we model how to use our differences to build on family strengths.

If you are interested in learning more or want to book us for your conference or a seminar, please call us 408-262-6837 or email us using the form on our contact page.

We’ll get back to you soon.

Seminar Topics: A list of our presentations topics appropriate for K – 8, Middle school and High school.

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Places we’ve Presented: Topics and locations of places we have spoken, and referrals.

Steve and Patt Saso are exceptional speakers. Patt is the more “practical” speaker, highly intelligent, warm presenter. Steve is a wonderful, down to earth speaker with great humor and wonderful storytelling technique. They are often presenters at our annual Congress. We will have the evaluation results for the Saso’s Congress 2009 presentations available next week. The Saso’s presented at Congress in 2007 and here is how they did: Parenting Your Teen with TLC – received a 3.6 out of 4.0, Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child – received a 3.5 out of 4.0
—Jan C. Pedroza, LA Archdiocese Congress Program Coordinator, http://www.recongress.org/

As usual I totally enjoyed Steve's presentation. He has such a knack for laughing at all the parenting mistakes he perceives that he has made!! It was nice to see such a good turnout of parents.
—Cheri Draeger, Vice Principal - Almaden Country School, http://www.a-cs.org/

Thank you for such an informative uplifting presentation! It gives me hope that we will get through the teen years with both our son and 13 year old daughter! Your book the 10 Best Gifts...has become my bible and I have purchased several copies for my friends who are going through the same things. I purchased the CD's last evening and already listened to the one on conflicts and teens! Thanks again,
—Nina Feirman

I am a youth minister and was weary of the topic of How to Parent a Teen. But once in your seminar, I was totally floored. You said EVERYTHING that I wanted to tell all the parents of the world.  I love that you explained the teen way of thinking. You have a great gift, and I am grateful for your willingness to tell parents what THEY can do to improve. I was really impressed by you and your wisdom.
—Diana Resendiz, St. Anthonys – Hughson

The Sasos are imaginative, intelligent, and highly-skilled presenters who thoroughly understand their subject matter. They offer concrete suggestions based on personal experience and encourage audience participation through humor and thought-provoking questions.
—Bitzy Stark, Principal, K-8

WOW! you are amazing. You really make a difference in lives especially when parents and teens work together. Thank you for what you do and thanks for the advice. As my kids get closer to leaving for college it gets a bit easier in a way, knowing that we have prepared them.
—Nancy Montavlo

As you can see from the evaluations, you were very well received! Thanks for coming to our community and sharing your thoughts, experiences and insights.

As I mentioned before, we are interested in having you return to the same site next school year to talk about responsibility!
—Karla Albright

I just wanted to personally thank you for scheduling the seminar last night...I really learned a lot, I really enjoyed it.  Mitch and I both found it very helpful.  I purchased the CD’s and started listening to them on the way to work this morning. So thank you very much!  I think that this parenting seminar should be mandatory!! It is definitely important for us parents to brush up on our parenting skills and to add new parenting tools to our tool boxes!
—Kris Stuber

I heard your lecture in Sacramento, bought your books and two CD’s.  I must say that there are two books that have profoundly influenced my behavior. The first is the Bible. The other one is Parenting Your Teenager with TLC.  

Thank you so very much.  I no longer feel I need to yell at my son to get him to do what I want him to do. My demeanor has changed such that I speak in a regular tone of voice and come from a place of honesty and love in expressing my desires for what would be good behavior/actions on his part. 

Our relationship has turned around and he is on a very positive path.  I quote your books often and thank you so much for your work.  You are influencing many lives.
—Nancy Yee

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