Parenting Tools

Every parent needs a little help every once in a while, especially during the teen years. That’s why we’ve developed these resources and website for you.  The following tools will lend you a hand to navigate through the adolescent years.

On-line Parenting Courses
Using cutting-edge research on adolescent development you’ll learn effective parenting strategies from the comfort of your own home or office.

Monthly parenting seminars for our “Parenting Teens” eZine subscribers. Not subscribed yet?

Counseling Services
You’ll rediscover inner resources and strengths, and new skills to aid you through difficult times in your relationships. 

Saso High School Prep
offers programs to assist middle-school students for high school academics in math & English, and HSPT® preparations to increase your child’s chances of acceptance into the Catholic high school of his or her choice.  

Online Store
Books, CDs & MP3s. Parenting resources to help you survive the teen years. We’ll show you how to keep your parental authority intact while maintaining an influential relationship with your teen.

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