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Ever reach the point in parenting that you just don't know what to do? A time when your frustration level soars, and you wonder where to look for guidance? 

We have. In raising our three children and with our work as therapist and teacher, we’ve researched and gained insight into what it takes to raise teens into responsible adults. We have come by the information in our materials first hand—through trial and error—and through dialoguing with thousands of parents and teens.

Our Parenting Resources Help You Survive the Adolescent Years

Relationships need to be based on trust and respect. We’ll show you how to lay this groundwork, use discipline instead of punishment, use conflict to strengthen your relationship, and have a positive influence in your teen’s life.

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CD Set #1 • Raising Responsible Children
(6 – 12 years old)

  1. Raising Responsible Children
  2. 7 Parenting Tools to Help Your Child Succeed in School
  3. What Works: Discipline and Kids
  4. Raising an Emotionally Healthy Child
CD Set #2 • Parents - Are You Prepared for The Teen Years (10 – 16 years old)
  1. Onset of Adolescence: Understanding Your Changing Child
  2. Ten Keys to Successful Parenting of Teenagers
  3. Talking to Your Kids about Responsible Sexuality
  4. Raising Courageous, Confident Daughters
CD Set #3 • Strengthening the Parent Teen Connection (14 – 19 years old)
  1. Parenting Your Teen with TLC
  2. 10 Best Gifts for Your Teen
  3. How to Reduce Conflict between You and Your Teen
  4. Fathering Teenagers

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NEW! The Fair-Share Game

A game to build family strengths through positive interactions
and personal sharing. For ages 10 and up.

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What Parents Are Telling Us about our Tools

"Well written, organized, and an important read for frustrated parents trying to do the best they can. It's a bittersweet time watching my son go through this stage in his life. '10 Best Gifts...' has helped me realize that his moody, sulking, "Aw Mom!," "Whatever!" moments should not be taken too personally. The kid who used to love his mom to pieces probably still does. And now, more than ever, he needs me to be on top of my parenting skills. This book will give you the strength and wisdom to do just that." —A reader from Ann Arbor, MI

"I attended two of your workshops last September in Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I purchased five of your CDs, which I have shared with some of my friends. I want you to know what a positive impact your words have had on me and I want to thank you for that! I am listening to them again to refresh my mind of all the key points. I'm lucky in that my boys are 10 and 6, so I have time to get my parenting act together before the 'teen' years." —Polly Carnation, WA

"My husband and I attended one of your seminars and we purchased all your tapes and workbook. Not only did we thoroughly enjoy the seminar and the tapes, but also they both gave us great ideas on dealing with our kids. Most of all they have opened a line of communication between my husband and I that we sometimes tend to forget when in the midst of parenting. It has been wonderful to talk about these ideas again, to realize we both still share the same feelings, frustrations, and concerns, and are consistent with each other."

"Thank you so much for your great ideas and support during this time of parenting. We both value your insights and appreciate you sharing your ideas and beliefs with us!" —L. & W.K., Morgan Hill, CA

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