Parents, Are You Prepared For The Teen Years?

Do you find you’ve navigated smoothly through parenting perils from infancy to preteen insecurity, and suddenly, almost overnight you seem to have lost the kid you once knew?

Out of the blue, your teen is moody, rude and disrespectful. You find yourself in continuous conflict with him or her leaving you frustrated, anxious or angry.

You Are Not Alone In Your Parenting Struggles!

Hi, we are Patt and Steve Saso, owners of Saso Seminars: Parenting Teens Just Got Easier. Since 1989, as authors and speakers, we’ve trained thousands of parents with the tools needed to raise healthy and respectful teenagers.

Patt, a marriage and family therapist, and Steve, a high school educator, use humor and real-life anecdotes from the parenting trenches to teach skills that help reduce conflict and strengthen relationships.   

Parenting an Adolescent Is Down-Right Challenging

It is a rocky time for our kids too. Teens must conquer a wide range of social-emotional developmental tasks before maturing into adulthood and your parenting style can nurture or delay this process.

Parents, do you:

Struggle with teen “attitude” problems?

Feel frustrated by the endless arguments?

Have a stubborn and difficult teenager?

Find yourself at a loss with how to discipline?

Have trouble saying “no” and setting appropriate boundaries?

Want to stop arguing with your parenting partner about discipline methods?

Want to learn skills to reduce the conflict between you and your teen?

Want to parent in a style that helps steer your teen away from risky behaviors?

Want to learn a way of communicating that restores harmony and keeps you connected with your teen?

If you answered yes to any of the above our resources may be just what you are looking for.

Positive Solutions to Real-Life Family Struggles

The keys to successful parenting lie in understanding developmental issues, redefining the parent-teen relationship and modeling communication full of respect, love and understanding. This is not always easy — but we’re here to help.

Start Here If You Want Help Parenting Your Teen

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Patt & Steve Saso


"The Sasos are imaginative, intelligent, and highly-skilled presenters who thoroughly understand their subject matter. They offer concrete suggestions based on personal experience and encourage audience participation through humor and thought-provoking questions."
—Bitzy Stark,
Principal, K-8


"You folks took the roof off last night! I can honestly, say, everyone was enraptured by your enthusiasm, expertise, honesty and comprehensive tools you shared. The stories and anecdotes really brought the information home and reinforced that our lives are not unique or alone."
—Leianne Wong Lamb, Marketing Manager Commonwealth Club of CA 


"I am a youth minister and was weary of the topic of How to Parent a Teen.  But once in your seminar, I was totally floored. You said EVERYTHING that I wanted to tell all the parents of the world.  I love that you explained the teen way of thinking. You have a great gift, and I am grateful for your willingness to tell parents what THEY can do to improve. I was really impressed by you and your wisdom."
—Diana Resendiz, St. Anthonys, Hughson

Patt & Steve Saso

"Parenting Teens"

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